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Pep and Angie in: Feminist vs Janitors

  1. pep: did u hear
  2. pep: about the jontron thing
  3. angie: huh?
  4. angie: no
  5. angie: pep I've been reading
  6. pep: oh
  7. angie: I haven
  8. pep: he said something about feminism
  9. pep: on twitter
  10. angie: oh?
  11. angie: like?
  12. pep: like he disagreed with a video or something
  13. pep: and look what's happening
  14. pep:
  15. angiee: what video?
  16. angie: lol
  17. pep: the anita sarkeesian thing
  18. pep: the new one
  19. pep: tropes vs women
  20. angie: LOL
  21. angie: But isn't the lady a JOKE?
  22. angie: and SCAMARTIST
  23. angie: also
  24. angie: >video games
  25. angie: who cares
  26. angie: You know what
  27. angie: I'ma make my own thing
  28. angie: There are too many heros and monsters fighting
  29. angie: too many people making messes
  31. angie: AND WE DON'T GET A PRIZE
  34. pep: exactly!!!
  35. angie: >:(
  36. pep: EXACLTY
  37. pep: #SAVEJANITORS
  38. angie: Women still get PRIZES
  42. angie: >:(
  43. angie: I'm gonna go to Washington DC
  44. angie: and demand that they stop treating us janitors like we are the little people
  45. pep: angie!!
  46. pep: there was some good news too today!
  47. angie: We got a raise?
  48. pep: mario kart 8 is getting some stuff
  49. pep:
  50. pep:
  51. angie: no....
  52. angie: ....
  53. angie: I hate it pep
  54. pep: w-why!
  55. angie: >:(
  57. pep: MAREIO PARTY!!!
  58. angie: BUT I'M BROKE
  59. pep: well
  60. pep: back to scrubbing floors!
  61. angie: psh. I was hoping we were getting a raise...
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There are two kinds of people in the world.


There are two kinds of people in the world.

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Learning is fun when you are in a learning mood! Baby steps! Baby steps!

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I really love this show. I made some gifs.
Episode 46: The Hacienda’s Fever

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Tumbler General

You know, I like tumbler and all… But it’s really depressing getting on here. It’s nice to know about News that is going on, because I’m not updated a lot. But then the hate… It’s like everyone is reversing back in time blaming everyone for everything. Then it makes me realize how shitty the world is.

When I come on Tumbler, It’s like looking at the News. Fox News. I don’t know what’s real and what’s complete SHIT. Also the fluff and hate around everything. I don’t feel like I get to hear the REAL news. My dashboard is full of depressing stuff. It’s like “is there any GOOD news?” Just like on the news.

Yeah, thank you people who inform others one what’s happening. But I don’t like hearing about “Black power! The white man is trying to bring us down”. Yeah the world isn’t great but you don’t have to reverse back in time and act like how those guys acted. Even though it’s bad it’s not as bad as then. So there was progress. Stuff needs to be fixed. I’m pretty sure every person on this site is not dealing with their houses being burned down, or a gang of people coming after them at their homes. I can understand you are trying to feel for the people it is happening to, but the way you are dealing with it is fucking embarrassing.

If feels like the majority of people on this site are “blacks” and “feminist” trying to make a point but going about it the wrong way. It’s not like you want equal stuff it feels like you guys want to be on top and everyone should bow down to you because of what YOUR ANCESTORS went through.

I’m pretty sure there is more to say but what do I know. The stuff you guys talk about… About guys being bad and whites being terrible… You don’t like when people group YOU with bad people, why do you do it to others… “I hate blacks! They always do everything wrong! They steal and shoot people! and their gang violence is ruining everything! Get rid of blacks! Go back to africa! Take your AIDS with you!” = “The whites are bringing us down! They are trigger happy and just can’t wait to shoot at us!” = “Wow those fucking Asian/Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Hi-I-like-to-group-them-all-up-because-you-know-I-can’t-tell-who’s-who-they-are-all-the-same! Learn to DRIVE! Learn to speak ENGLISH! Why did you even come to _______!? Go back to your home place! Ching chong!” = “all indians stink! All indians blow up stuff! all indians are evil and poor!” = “Wow you mexicans/hispanics! Stop stealing our jobs! Learn ENGLISH! Go back to mexico!” = (Every-other-racial-issue-and-insult) = “Men are all pigs! I hate them! you should hate them too! All they do is brag about how strong they are and they rape women!” = “If all women weren’t so fucking useless and weren’t just cumdumpsters then maybe we would respect them. But hey! That’s all women are good for! Cleaning, cooking and being sex toys!” = WOW ALL THIS HATE. ALL YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING IDIOTS. AND YOU WONDER WHY NOTHING IS CHANGING.

Gonna sound like a hippy here but… Why can’t we just love one another? Stop grouping everyone. You don’t like it, don’t do it to others. Yeah maybe you don’t mean it as  EVERYONE, but you don’t express it that way. There are good people out there… I’m sure there are other ways to deal with this stuff.. It would just be nice if everyone just listened to each other… But the chances of that happening feels like close to never.

I dealt with a bunch of stuff when I was growing up. I’ve been Physically abused, mentally abused, threatened, molested, almost raped, bullied, humiliated, a bunch of stuff. Yeah it took me a while to cope with this stuff, but I made a great effort to not  get too worked up about it. It could have always been worse. I don’t hate ANYONE. Man, Woman, Child, Alien, whatever. Hate won’t do anything. I don’t like what they did, but I don’t hate them. I might avoid those people, but most of the time, I try to settle it. I don’t like having any bad feelings. I made up with people who has done some of the above. Some are really good friends now, some don’t talk to me. But there is no bad feelings. Stuff is cleared up, it’s the past. If you can learn to move forward and learn from what you have done and what others have done— and avoid doing them, stuff will get better. Everyone needs to improve themselves. Nobody or Race is “god tier” or “master race”.

If you are going to hate, then explain WHY you hate. And what has ______ done to YOU. If they did nothing to you… you have no reason to hate… if they did do something hating won’t fix anything. it only hurts yourself. It’s not good to wish bad stuff on people… but I’m kinda hoping that all the hate that people are giving… those people have the hate eat up the insides of them, causing them health issues and pain. Then they’ll also feel their own hatred. Won’t be fun. And most of the people that hate…. need to travel. Get out more. I’m pretty sure that hate will disappear once they understand what else is out there. The world doesn’t revolve around You.

Open up, relax, and quit hating.


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Home Health Aid

I started classes for it today~

Gotta go again tomorrow, but I also have to register for school classes tomorrow too.

Oh yeah, Don’t know if I told yet, but I got accepted into my new school. Found a better school closer to me. Yay good news~

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According to Angie: Mega Pokemons

Mega Sceptile: Christmas Tree

Mega Swampert: Totally has the dick

Mega Sableye: W-What changed? Bigger Gem

Mega Altaria: Still Cotton Swab

Mega Salamence: They said I could become anything… So I became a boomerang

Mega Metagross: Still Mega Cool. Totally not gross. I need him

Mega Lopunny: Yes, lewd-ify Lopunny more. Add stockings

Mega Audino: Madoka.

Mega Diancie: Walpurgis Night/Walpurgisnacht (Madoka)

Mega Slowbro: Drunk. Regrets.

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[4:34:52] Chad Warden: YOUR DICK [4:34:56] Chad Warden: YOUR THINGY[4:36:08] Chad Warden: I'm also gonna smack you [4:36:10] Chad Warden: c: [4:36:16] pi pi pi pi pizza la kun: eehhhh FECK U BEBSH[4:36:32] Chad Warden: YOU FADDAFUCKA!
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Why is cooking so hard…

I made homemade ravioli. it’s lacking.

No rolling pin or anything. using a bottle to roll dough… a light bottle. ; ___ ; dough too thick, not enough cheese… *CRI*

I tried… I w-wish i was a master chef already… please skills, come over night.

(and it’s too embarrassing to ask for help from people younger than meeee UUUGH)

Everything I make is coming out so bad… yesterday’s Tuna patties— *pukes*

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For this cool dude!


For this cool dude!